I Need to Step Outside

a bio-diagram analyzing anxiety

Drake Rorabaugh, 2020

For this project I wanted to design a bio-diagram that analyzed and displayed something deeply personal to myself. As someone who has experienced anxiety and panic attacks during past parts of my life, I wanted to document and look deeper into this, and display it in a way that was not only informative and structured, but visually cohesive to the feeling of a panic attack, with moments of chaos and silence.

I looked to designers like David Carson and Martin Venezky on how they approach image making and tone in their own work, to help create a visual language that would capture the feeling I was intending.





06 Sketch to Final Product

I did a lot of preparation and sketching before setting out to complete this design. 

07 Preparation Imagery

A few things I did in preparation for the project were manic style sketches and writing a list of all the thoughts I typically found myself having during these moments.

08 Asset Creation


In terms of asset creation I used both these sketches and prints of the typefaces that were torn up and scanned in on the Konica, printed out, and re-scanned over and over, having the printer send me the tiff’s of each scan, and using these assets to create this feeling.