Drake Rorabaugh, Ipek Pelit, Anthony Williams --- 2021
Art Direction/Print/Animation

I had the opportunity to co-art direct the KCAI 2021 Virtual Commencement ceremony alongside my peers Ipek Pelit and Anthony Williams. Our goal was to bridge the gap between friends and fellow students in a way that emphasized the enduring connection within our campus community, despite the year-long isolation.

In designing this event, we aimed to celebrate our togetherness under any circumstances. The design system we developed centered around the concept of the individual reuniting with the community. This theme has become increasingly relevant in light of recent social developments and prolonged isolation. By focusing on "the individual" mindset, we sought to reconnect the community in a unique and meaningful way, even if it required a different approach than usual.

01 Invitation Proposal

02 Invitation Proposal

03 Invitation Proposal

04 Illustration Proposal

05 Fold Out Program Proposal

06 Fold Out Program Proposal

07 Material Proposal

08 Animation Story Boards

Within our proposal we wanted to be sure that we showed a readiness to take on even what many would consider to be later details, early in the process.

09 Animation Story Boards

10 E-vite Animation

After our proposal was accepted, we reached out to a fellow student of ours in the illustratotion department to complete the project illustrations and then reworked them into our final e-mail invite animation.

11 Final Poster Design

Throughout the development process, we revisited the poster design multiple times, striving to make it increasingly dynamic with each revision. This iterative approach allowed us to refine our ideas, experiment with various design elements, and ultimately create a more engaging and visually compelling final product that resonated with our target audience.