Tyler, the Creator

Discography Analysis

Drake Rorabaugh, 2019

A hand bound book that takes a deeper look into the messages and depth inside one of my favorite artist’s lyrics. I wanted to look at his growth from a bombastic, uncomfortable, self-concious teenager into one of the artists we find on the forefront of boundary pushing and challenging music in the popular industry. Tyler’s energy and work ethic is something we can all take from as artists.

As a design piece I wanted to learn more about creating systems that could be held in place and support long form content, aswell as fine tune my typesetting and macro type abilities.






06 Illustration Process

07 Process Scan

08 Process Scan

The drawings done were based on those of Tyler’s old sketchbooks he would post online, and were done to help support the visual aspect aswell as general atmosphere of each album.They were done in an incomplete and undetailed DIY fashion.