The Manifesto Project

Drake Rorabaugh --- 2019

A handbound compilation of design manifestos from both industry greats and my peers, this book aims to explore design principles at their core. By breaking type down to its formal elements, I photographed through a loupe and magnified the images within the text of the manifestos. This technique draws the reader's attention through the book while encouraging them to consider both micro and macro perspectives, both literally and figuratively.

01 Cover

For the cover, I experimented with printing black ink on an 80lb silk black paper, resulting in a refined and reserved appearance that harmonized well with the rest of the design system.


This long-form typography exercise allowed me to sharpen my skills in macrotypography and typesetting. Implementing a design system throughout extensive content can be laborious but ultimately gratifying. It was important for me to maintain a high level of craftsmanship in each section, ensuring a cohesive and polished outcome.





06 Shots from the loupe
Utilizing a loupe for photography was an intriguing challenge. To achieve the desired results, I employed a 50mm macro lens mounted on a tripod. The tripod was disassembled and inverted to ensure the head was level, allowing for optimal close-up shots.

07 Loupe to PNG

After capturing the images, I imported the PNG files into Photoshop and removed the background. My goal was to maintain the distortion that the lens curvature introduced to the type. This effect added more depth and intrigue to the images, creating a striking contrast against the clean typography.

Run Your Prints Under The Sink,
Manifesto by Drake Rorabaugh

During my research to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts commonly expressed in design manifestos, I realized that writing my own manifesto would help me better comprehend my identity as an artist. Throughout this process, I became particularly interested in exploring the relationship between art and design, and how these disciplines can inform and enrich one another.